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Your company. Your growth. Your funding.

With re:cap, you get access to funds that you can use where they'll best help your company's growth. No restrictions, no dilution. Some call it 'working capital'. We call it 'we-don't-tell-you-what-to-do capital'.

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More options, better choices.

When it comes to funding your business, you should have more than one option. With re:cap, you get access to a new source of capital with clear advantages over traditional instruments.
Credit facility
Venture debt
Venture capital
Growth equity

How can you benefit from using re:cap?

Once your company achieves product/market fit, additional capital helps you to accelerate growth and capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

Fuel your growth with on-demand, non-dilutive capital from re:cap. There is no reason to raise an equity round if you plan to invest the funds in growth activities with clear, short-term ROIs.

It's time for another funding round, but you actually want to reach an important milestone beforehand?

Then use re:cap to convert parts of your recurring revenue into immediately available capital and reach your goal – for stronger KPIs and a better valuation.

re:cap gives you access to on-demand, non-dilutive capital. Depending on your funding requirements, you can use re:cap to replace, downsize, or delay your next equity financing round while securing the same amount of cash. Thereby you immediately lower or avoid diluting your equity.

Now, imagine how this stacks up over time!

With re:cap, you no longer need to offer large discounts to your customers for annual upfront payments. Remember: Discounts lower your top-line revenue, ACVs, EBITDA, and thus your company’s valuation.

Trading subscriptions with re:cap gives you access to upfront capital while you maintain the ability to report the full contract value in your income statement.

Easy, swift, and stress-free.

Getting financed has never been easier. Sign up with a few clicks and find out what re:cap can do for you.

Let’s work together and get the best out of your business.

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