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Preserve your cash balance and financial stability

With re:cap funding, you can optimize your cash flow proactively. You’re able to refinance significant one-time expenses, allowing you to preserve cash balance and to fill your liquidity gap.

Calculate your funding terms
Draw supplier discounts

Get better discounts from suppliers such as SaaS and service providers by paying them upfront. Split up these payments with re:cap at a lower rate to keep the spread and cash at hand.

Split up payments

Stop worrying about large one-off expenses for hardware, legal advice, events, and others. Instead, use re:cap to flexibly split up those payments over several months, preserving your cash balance.

Stay opportunistic

Focus on your opportunities instead of financial limitations. Make big investments and secure a strong cash balance – at the same time.

Discover insights

Benchmark your financial metrics, discounts, and payment terms against the averages to identify areas for improvement.

Secure funding tailored to your needs

Calculate funding terms

Why should you optimize your cash flow with re:cap?

Depending on your situation, re:cap works as a substitute or addition to other financing options – with advantages in both cases.
Direct costs
Indirect costs
Time to money
Reporting requirements
Venture Debt
8% – 15% p.a.
May be divided in cash and Payment-in-Kind (PIK) interest rates
Warrants and equity
Counting in legal fees, closing fee, maturity fee
3+ months
€1m – €50m
Often divided into tranches, where each tranche is tied to the achievement of milestones
Due to equity warrants or equity kicker
Financial covenants & securities
For example pledges on receivables, patents, intellectual property and/or bank accounts
Monthly reporting
Depending on the respective exposure, providers may also ask for board seats
2% – 15% on each financing
48 hours
Up to 60% of ARR
Automated through platform
Calculate funding terms
Venture Capital
>€100k – €900k
Legal, notary and potentially advisor fees
5% – 25% loss of shares
per equity round
Legal, notary and potentially advisor fees
3+ months
€1m – €50m+
Personal guarantees & commitments
Monthly reporting, board seats
More control

Don’t be controlled by your cash flow but control your cash flow.

Faster access

You want to grow fast. Get access to  capital in minutes, not months.

Less dilution

Preserve your ownership stake and stay in control of your company.

Full transparency

Know your cost of capital. With re:cap, there is just one simple fee.

What other founders achieved with re:cap


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How does it work?

Ideally, you are already a re:cap customer – if not, you can on-board here for free. Once the underwriting is approved and you know your financing limit, you can choose the amount you want to receive to cover upcoming or recent bulky spendings. You will receive the money within 48 hours and the repayment starts approximately 4 weeks after the disbursement with fixed payments typically over 6-12 months or longer if required.

What advantages do I have?

re:cap enables companies to spread bigger cash-outflows over several months or even years. Depending on which case applies, you can also take advantage of early payment discounts the vendor may offer. As you’re growing your team, further investments in IT equipment and office equipment may be necessary. Save your precious liquidity and use re:cap instead.

How often can I use it?

There is no limitation. Once you’ve gone through the underwriting process we’ll provide you the financing limit and financing fee which are reassessed by us on a monthly basis. If your business is growing, the financing limit is growing with you. The amount available can be seen on the platform and may be used as often as you like.

Can I extend the financing period to optimize the cash flow even further?

Yes, as long as you are within your financing limit you can offset upcoming repayments with additional financing transactions and thus keep your cash flow in control. We are happy to explain the details incl. cash flow simulation analysis individually for your company.

Are shorter repayment periods possible?

Currently, repayment periods are set at 12 months for all customers. If required, we can shorten the repayment period to 3, 6 or 9 months. We’re planning to introduce more flexible repayment periods in the nearer future as well.

Is re:cap right for my company? Why should I sign up?

re:cap is made for all growing companies based in Germany or Netherlands who are already generating recurring revenue, for example SaaS. Whether VC-backed or bootstrapped, small or large – our non-dilutive, on-demand financing solution works for you.

Creating an account is fast, easy, and free of charge. As part of the onboarding process, you will get information about your current financing limit and financing conditions. Additionally, we provide you with KPIs and additional insights for free. In short: there is no reason not to sign up!

Need more information? Please visit our general FAQ section here or contact us!

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