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How optilyz paved the way for long-term growth and internationalization with re:cap


in a nutshell

optilyz is Europe’s leading direct mail automation & programmatic print software. Their tool offers a straightforward way to integrate letters, postcards and selfmailers into the cross-channel marketing mix and enables automated and hyper-personalized campaigns.

The challenge

International and vertical expansion without additional dilution of equity

optilyz has strong growth ambitions and thus, needed to find a solution to get flexible access to capital to be able to capitalize on opportunities that are opening up, exactly when they are opening up. In their case, plans such as international expansion to the UK, growth through additional sales reps and entering new verticals are on the roadmap for the upcoming months.

Having raised a Series A two years ago and being close to profitability, raising further equity and giving away further ownership was not an option for optilyz. While looking into venture debt, it quickly became clear that this was also not an option, seeing as negotiations take months and equity warrants and in some cases even personal guarantees are required. Therefore, optilyz started looking for alternative financing options.

The solution

Recurring revenue financing & a long-term partnership to achieve growth ambitions

After hearing about re:cap’s recurring revenue financing solution for growth, Martin Twellmeyer (CEO optilyz) was quickly convinced of the advantages over other financing solutions (equity, venture debt, RBF options) and that re:cap was & is the right partner for long-term growth financing. re:cap’s solution enabled optilyz to quickly receive access to additional funding for internationalization activities, without endangering their cash position in existing markets.

With re:cap, optilyz now has access to a flexible financing line which will enable the financing of further growth activities exactly when it is needed. The funds will be used to cover the payback period of customer acquisition costs as well as sales reps that need to be hired for the expansion into the UK.

Furthermore, optilyz has now secured a financing line with re:cap which also protects them against the current volatile market conditions.

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More about

optilyz offers a software for automated and hyper-personalized direct mail - plan and book your mailings according to your needs and easily connect the optilyz programmatic print software with your marketing tech stack.

Automated campaigns
Automatically trigger direct mail campaigns when a certain amount of recipients is reached or at a fixed recurring time. This will save you up to 90% manual effort and enable more relevant touchpoints.

Single campaigns
Send letters, postcards or self-mailers in just a few clicks. Choose from all common standard formats and easily upload all required files.

Enterprise-level security & support
optilyz's support and customer success teams are ready to help at every turn! They take your trust seriously: That’s why optilyz is fully GDPR compliant and meets the highest data protection and security standards.

Learn more about optilyz here:

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