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Become your
industry’s leader

Optimize your SaaS business with re:cap benchmarking: Unlock actionable advice to improve your performance. Based on your metrics. Compared to your peers. Tailored to your needs.

Stand out from the crowd

Compare yourself against thousands of industry peers across various financial KPIs
Deep dive into your financial metrics and improve your overall business performance
Leverage your data to the fullest extent and turn your analysis into actionable strategies

Rise above your

Take your company to the next level with industry benchmarks

Best-in-class benchmarking with your industry peers

Gain access to a constantly evolving dataset, enriched through ongoing assessments of companies on the platform. Benchmark your performance against companies within your industry, country, revenue size and profitability.

Understand your position

Elevate yourself with benchmarking metrics for all your core KPIs. See where you currently stand, determine if you belong to your industry's top tier, identify where you outperform competitors, and see where your weak spots are.

Get to the top of your industry

What do you have to do to improve? Metrics only tell part of the story. Leverage the best-in-class classification to accurately evaluate what steps you have to take to become the leader within your industry or peer group.

dashboard & ratings

Your financial
pulse check

See your company’s performance at a glance

Big picture: Get an overview of your business

With our rating, you’ll receive a first assessment of your financial performance, covering revenue and customer quality, cash flow and capital efficiency, as well as unit economics and financial health. This evaluation informs you about your current standing and highlights areas that require improvement.

Dive deeper, aim higher: Identify your areas for improvement

With our dashboard, you’ll see a first teaser of the areas that require further examination. From this point onward, you decide in which area you want to deep dive to uncover hidden opportunities to improve your financial performance.

From chaos to clarity: Access all your financial data in one place

Bank accounts, revenue streams, accounting systems: You access all your financial data in one place and get the performance of your whole company at glance. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple platforms. Experience the power of having all your data ready to use.


From macro to micro

Unlock granular financial insights of your business

Leverage historical performance for future growth

Unlock valuable insights from your financial data by accessing 50 daily-calculated business metrics. Obtain a better understanding of your historical performance and harness the power of forecasts to predict your company's future revenue growth.

Understand your business beyond surface-level

Through segmentations and breakdowns, you can delve into a granular analysis of your business. For instance, when assessing the quality of your customer base, relying solely on revenue won’t provide a complete picture. By considering metrics such as customer concentration, churn cohorts, and NDR, you gain a full understanding.

Make use of industry-specific metrics

NDR breakdown, ARPA development, CAC payback period? Receive KPIs that are based on your financial data. However, its calculation method is not only derived from your data but verified with KPI-calculations from thousands of other software companies similar to yours. So you gain insights into the KPIs that matter most to software businesses.


Turn data into

Put capital to work? Managing capital costs? Ensuring cash buffers? Our platform provides you actionable insights, but our team of experts is also there to guide you through your analysis and dive even deeper. Gain insights into your current status quo, receive personalized recommendations, and utilize our simulator to visualize the potential development of certain financial KPIs.

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Connect your financial data sources, we’ll handle the rest

Effortlessly view your company's financial performance at a glance and draw actionable conclusions, by following these simple steps:

Before you dive in, first things first: Sign up and create your account.
Seamlessly connect your financial data sources, including bank accounts, revenue streams, and accounting systems.
See and analyze your financial KPIs by navigating through rating & dashboard, metrics, industry benchmarks, and guidance.
Your data is secure. We store and process all your financial data in Germany, employing 256-bit bank-level encryption for maximum protection.


Didn’t find an answer? Talk to us.

Who gets access to re:cap benchmarking?

For launch, signing up for re:cap benchmarking will be free. This will change in the next months and we will let you know in advance once this change will take place.

To get access, simply create an account and complete the same steps that need to be completed to request funding. For now, to access the benchmarking platform, you submit your “funding application” at the end but are not required to take on any funding.

Which data does re:cap benchmarking need?

To use re:cap benchmarking properly you need to connect all your financial data sources, including bank accounts, revenue streams, and accounting systems.

Is my data secure?

Your data is secure. We prioritize the utmost security standards to safeguard our customers' data. We store and process all your financial data in Germany, employing 256-bit bank-level encryption for maximum protection.

Is data accessible in re:cap benchmarking anonymous?

Your data remains completely anonymous. Through re:cap benchmarking, we make data from over 1,000 companies accessible, ensuring that it’s not possible to attribute any data to a specific company.

How can I compare myself against my competition?

Through industry benchmarks, you can assess your performance against a database of over 1,000 companies within your industry, country, revenue size, and profitability status. This feature provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your status quo among your peers.

Which financial KPIs can I see in re:cap benchmarking?

Our platform sorts more than 50 financial KPIs into three areas: revenue & customer quality (e.g. net dollar retention), cash flow & capital efficiency (e.g. cash runway), and unit economics & financial health (e.g. CLTV to CAC ratio).

Empower your success with
best-in-class benchmarking

In which areas does your competition outperform you? How do you effectively manage your capital costs? What is your required funding amount? re:cap benchmarking has the answers.

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