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A new funding era

Digital companies have unique capital needs. Most providers, traditional and modern, can't meet those needs efficiently. 

re:cap is different. Every day, we dive into the raw data of companies to get the most precise financial and business insights that no other has. We leverage that knowledge to understand digital business models, get a better picture of their past performance, and model future scenarios.

We give digital companies access to funding that aligns with their present goals and harmonizes with their aspirations for the future. We adapt our funding to every new level they strive for. Because businesses change, we believe that funding should be adaptable. That way, we enable digital companies to reach their goals by giving them access to the right funding solutions that precisely match their business plans and capital needs. 

At re:cap, our ambition is to become the digital platform that enables a new era of debt funding for digital companies. 

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Founded by serial entrepreneurs Paul Becker and Jonas Tebbe, re:cap is the leading funding and benchmarking platform for digital businesses and companies with recurring revenues in Germany and the Netherlands.

With re:cap, companies can access debt funding tailored to the needs of fast growing digital businesses, receive unparalleled transparency into their company’s competitive position and get individual growth guidance on how to reach their goals. Ultimately through re:cap, companies  achieve stronger financial stability and thus are able to raise equity rounds on better terms, successfully get on their path to profitability and grow better.

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