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Let your future accelerate your now

re:cap enables companies in the subscription economy to trade future revenues for on-demand, non-dilutive capital. Fast, transparent and easy.

Financing tailored to the needs of the subscription economy

To all companies of the subscription economy: With re:cap, you can access an entire year’s worth of recurring revenue on day one and put your yet-to-be-realized yearly revenues to work right away.


While validating funding options to accelerate our growth we came across re:cap’s financing line and quickly realized it’s exactly what we needed: full flexibility and full control at attractive conditions. The process was transparent and fast (days, not months) which allowed us to focus on our core business.

Artur Hasselbach
CFO, Talentsconnect

Having re:cap as a financing partner has allowed us to grow faster without endangering our cash. We are using the funds to cover sales commissions and are excited to use re:cap in the future to grow flexibly in other areas too.

Dirk Brockmeyer
Executive Partner, Tabtool

The advantages of our funding platform

re:cap lets you stay in charge

No restrictive debt or dilutive equity financing

re:cap saves you time and money

Receive financing easier and faster than ever before

re:cap lets you scale without limits

Your financing terms improve with your company’s growth

Insights and benchmarks on your business

Benchmark with similar companies

Use our benchmarking insights to see your company’s performance in comparison to similar firms and find out what you can do to be a leader in your category. We benchmark all your core business KPIs - from churn, to runway and growth rate.

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Improve your financing terms

See how selected metrics that have an impact on your financing terms are performing and take action to improve them. When you improve your rating, you will get more funding at better terms to grow your company even faster.

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Get valuable insights

Dive deep into the analysis of your core metrics to spot trends and patterns that will help you to understand your business even better. You can always consult our team of experts to receive further insights and recommendations.

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