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Grow your business through merger or acquisition

If you are facing an M&A opportunity, cash at hand is a decisive factor. Finance the transaction with re:cap by converting the combined future revenue of your current and target company into upfront cash.

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Spread out advisory fees

Costs for M&A advisors and lawyers can be high. re:cap enables you to spread large one-off expenses over time.

Increase financial leverage

Save time and equity. Move fast and finance your M&A transactions with re:cap’s on-demand, non-dilutive capital.

Access more funding

More revenue equals higher funding. Use your target company’s revenue to instantly increase your re:cap funding.

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Why should you finance your M&A activities with re:cap?

Depending on your situation, re:cap works as a substitute or addition to other financing options – with clear advantages in both cases. Start diversifying your capital stack now.
Direct costs
Indirect costs
Time to money
Reporting requirements
Venture Debt
8% – 15% p.a.
May be divided in cash and Payment-in-Kind (PIK) interest rates
Warrants and equity
Counting in legal fees, closing fee, maturity fee
3+ months
€1m – €50m
Often divided into tranches, where each tranche is tied to the achievement of milestones
Due to equity warrants or equity kicker
Financial covenants & securities
For example pledges on receivables, patents, intellectual property and/or bank accounts
Monthly reporting
Depending on the respective exposure, providers may also ask for board seats
2% – 15% on each financing
48 hours
Up to 60% of ARR
Automated through platform
Calculate funding terms
Venture Capital
>€100k – €900k
Legal, notary and potentially advisor fees
5% – 25% loss of shares
per equity round
Legal, notary and potentially advisor fees
3+ months
€1m – €50m+
Personal guarantees & commitments
Monthly reporting, board seats
Faster access

You want to move fast. Get access to capital in minutes, not months.

Less dilution

Preserve your ownership stake and stay in control of your company.

Less costs

Save time and money spent on due diligence and reporting.

Less restrictions

We don’t ask for personal guarantees or financial covenants.

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Can I also use the target's revenues for financing?

Yes, you may also trade the target’s revenues. The best point in time is after the closing of the transaction when you have full control over the acquired company.

Is it possible to combine re:cap with other forms of funding?

Yes, it is possible to combine re:cap with other forms of funding such as traditional bank loans, venture debt, venture capital or private equity.

Is refinancing and early repayment possible?

Yes, you can repay the outstanding amount anytime without additional fees.

Do I get a term sheet?

Once you've completed the onboarding process we’ll get back to you within 48h. In case of approval, we’ll provide the financing terms and financing limit via our platform. These terms are valid for 30 days and you’re able to trade subscriptions in cash.

When will I no longer receive funding?

If the runway drops below 6 months. Thus, it is important to proactively maintain and manage the runway while using re:cap. Other reasons for rejections could be high customer churn rates or high negative equity positions.

Is re:cap right for my company? Why should I sign up?

re:cap is made for all growing companies based in Germany or Netherlands who are already generating recurring revenue, for example SaaS. Whether VC-backed or bootstrapped, small or large – our non-dilutive, on-demand financing solution works for you.

Creating an account is fast, easy, and free of charge. As part of the onboarding process, you will get information about your current financing limit and financing conditions. Additionally, we provide you with KPIs and additional insights for free. In short: there is no reason not to sign up!

Need more information? Please visit our general FAQ section here or contact us!

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