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How re:cap enabled to maintain financial flexibility during the economic downturn

in a nutshell

Keeping your energy asset management state-of-the-art is easier than you might expect: provides their partners with one-fit-all key technologies that make the management and direct marketing of renewable energies cost efficient, easy to apply and technologically smart.

The challenge

Maintaining flexibility in currently turbulent market conditions was constantly growing but as they got closer to starting fundraising for a Series A, the economy took a downturn, VC investments and valuations started to decrease and warnings to save cash were coming from all sides.

Due to market conditions, the time was not right for a large equity round and many traditional banks are often unsuitable for fast-growing tech startups that value flexibility because they have not yet adjusted their financing models. As a result, began looking into fast-moving, flexible alternative financing solutions.

The founders of

The solution

re:cap – exactly the right tool at the right time

For, re:cap appeared at exactly the right time as Frederik Merz (CBDO summarized, 'on the one hand, we have constant growth and increasing ARR and on the other hand, current market conditions are making equity fundraising harder'.

Thus, to strengthen their cash position and maintain flexibility to continue to grow in the current downturn, chose re:cap to bridge the gap so they can raise a Series A from a position of strength.

Furthermore, Frederik highlights that diversifying their capital stack early on is highly important to them, rather than relying solely on equity financing. He also mentions that after raising a Series A, they will keep re:cap in their capital stack to optimize their cash flow and, for example, finance hardware that they rent to customers.

Learn more about how re:cap can give your financial flexibility and enable you to optimize your next fundraise here.

“On the one hand, we have constant growth and increasing ARR and on the other hand, current market conditions are making equity fundraising harder.”

Frederik Merz
CBDO and Co-Founder,

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It’s all about efficiency! is your partner for state-of-the-art cloud solutions at a fair price. They are convinced that efficient energy management and direct marketing of renewable energies can only succeed with the best available technologies.

  • The platform enables complete operational management of all your assets in just one system
  • Save massive amounts of time through automatic ticketing, intelligent reports and integrated maintenance modules
  • The cloud.log data logger including remote control technology offers high flexibility at low costs through an exclusive rental model
  • Access to direct marketing through is uncomplicated as never before through digitalization and automated processing
  • enables the remote control of plants through VPN certificates or the provision of our cloud.log data logger

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