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Accelerate your growth without dilution or restriction

Accelerate growth with re:cap on your own terms – invest in marketing, sales, new markets, and more. Improve your predictions of the impact of growth initiatives and deploy funds in minutes, not months.

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Finance customer acquisition costs

Stop worrying about CAC putting a strain on cash flow when scaling revenue. Instead, use re:cap to convert future revenue into upfront capital and cover your CAC payback period with no effort.

Expand market presence

Increase your revenue by tapping into new markets and customer groups, by developing new products and features, by hiring new marketing and sales experts, and more – all enabled by re:cap.

Stop customer discounts

Stop offering large discounts to get upfront payments from your customers– with re:cap, you get the revenue upfront at lower costs.

Discover insights

Benchmark the impact of your growth initiatives against the averages to identify areas for investment and improvement.

Why should you accelerate your growth with re:cap?

Depending on your situation, re:cap works as a substitute or addition to other financing options – with clear advantages in both cases. Start diversifying your capital stack now.
Fixed costs
Additional costs
Time to money
Reporting requirements
Venture Debt
8% – 15% p.a.
May be divided in cash and Payment-in-Kind (PIK) interest rates
>€100k – open end
Counting in legal fees, closing fee, maturity fee, equity warrant or equity kicker, etc.
3+ months
€1m – €50m
Often divided into tranches, where each tranche is tied to the achievement of milestones
Due to equity warrants or equity kicker
Financial covenants & securities
For example pledges on receivables, patents, intellectual property and/or bank accounts
Monthly reporting
Depending on the respective exposure, providers may also ask for board seats
2% – 15% on each financing
48 hours
Up to 60% of ARR
Automated through platform
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Venture Capital
5% – 25% equity
>€100k – €900k
Legal, notary and potentially advisor fees
3+ months
€1m – €50m+
Personal guarantees & commitments
Monthly reporting, board seats
More flexibility

It’s only up to you when and how much capital you need.

Less dilution

Preserve your ownership stake and stay in control of your company.

Faster access

You want to grow fast. Get access to capital in minutes, not months.

More scalable

The capacity of your re:cap financing grows with your ARR.

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Why should I use re:cap to finance growth investments when I could use the venture capital I already have access to?

Venture Capital investors provide founders with capital in a very early stage where uncertainty is high regarding how and when the product or service will come out and if you achieve product market fit. In return, VCs demand equity and shared control via board seats.Growth investments on the other hand are more planable. When you are about to launch a growth initiative, you typically have a good idea of expected ROI based on known CAC and sales cycles. To finance these more predictable investments you should not use expensive Venture Capital. re:cap provides less costly and flexible access to capital and lets you quickly take advantage of emerging growth.

When should I finance growth with re:cap?

You should have a solid customer base and positive unit economics which your growth assumptions are based on. Growth investments financed with re:cap shouldn’t be a pure bet and the expected returns should be calculated appropriately. Main pillars of a solid growth case are CAC and CLV of which you should have a good understanding of. Our team is happy to provide you with further advice.

How important is CAC payback time?

The CAC payback period indicates how long it takes to earn back the money invested for acquiring new customers. When financing growth initiatives, we generally distinguish between two main groups of CAC payback characteristics: If you have a short CAC payback time (<6 months), customers turn profitable quickly, and thus the returns can pay back the re:cap financing accordingly – a straightforward case to go ahead.

Longer payback periods (> 12 months) result in more bound-up liquidity. In order to prevent runway shortening, we will plan recurring financing tranches to give time for payback and keep your cash stable. In both cases it is possible to accelerate growth with re:cap. The difference depends on how to use financing without shortening your runway.

Is re:cap right for my company? Why should I sign up?

re:cap is made for all growing companies based in Germany or Netherlands who are already generating recurring revenue. Whether VC-backed or bootstrapped, small or large – our non-dilutive, on-demand financing solution works for you.

Creating an account is fast, easy, and free of charge. As part of the onboarding process, you will get information about your current financing limit and financing conditions. Additionally, we provide you with KPIs and additional insights for free. In short: there is no reason not to sign up!

Need more information? Please visit our general FAQ section here or contact us!

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