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About re:cap in general.

How much funding can I get? How does it work?

You can get up to 50% of your current ARR in upfront capital. Simply create an account to get access to our funding platform. Once approved, you can either set a target financing volume or trade individual customer subscriptions for an instant payout. With re:cap, you basically convert your monthly or quarterly subscriptions to annual upfront payments – on demand!

Is re:cap right for my company? Why should I sign up?

re:cap is made for all growing companies with recurring revenue. Whether VC-backed or bootstrapped, small or large – our non-dilutive, on-demand financing solution works for all companies of the subscription economy.

Creating an account is fast, easy, and free of charge. As part of the onboarding process, you will get a rating with benchmarks and insights custom to your business. In short: There is no reason, not to sign up!

Need more information? Learn more about how to use our product here.

Do I need to tell my customers?

No, you don’t need to tell your customers and also don’t need to change your invoicing and payment processes.

Are there any personal guarantees or equity warrants?

No, we don’t ask for personal guarantees or equity warrants.


From sign up to getting approved.

How long does it take to sign up? What does it cost?

Creating an account and syncing your data only takes a couple of minutes. After your data is submitted, we need less than 48 hours to approve your company and give access to our funding platform.

Signing up with re:cap is free of charge and there is no obligation to ever take funding.

What data do I need to provide?

To provide the best possible financing terms to you we need access to:

All business bank and PayPal accounts

  • The bank account data allows us to assess and verify the cash flows of your business on an aggregated level.
  • You can securely connect all of your accounts for view-only access. If you we don’t support your bank yet, let us know and you can provide the data manually.

Subscription data (customers and revenue streams)

  • The subscription data allows us to identify your contracts as well as your revenues streams and sync them to our funding platform.
  • You can securely connect the subscription management tool of your choice for view-only access (Stripe, Chargebee, Recurly, chargify, zuora, billwerk, etc.). If we do not support your tool, just let us know.
  • If you are using a custom tool, you can upload the data manually in Excel- or CSV-format.

Accounting data

  • The accounting data allows us to assess and verify the financial situation of your business.
  • You can upload the data manually in Excel- or CSV-format.

If you need help providing the data, please contact us any time.

Is my data secure?

Data security and privacy is of a particularly high priority for re:cap. We have view-only access to your connected data sources, do not process any personal data of your customers and store your data securely in Germany using 256-bit bank-level encryption.

Your data never gets shared with anyone outside of re:cap.

Why does re:cap need the data?

Based on your data, we can verify that re:cap is a fit for your business. Assessing this data will help us to determine the financing terms for your business and sync eligible contracts to the funding platform.


After receiving the first funding.

When and how quickly can I receive funding?

As long as you are within your financing limit, you can access new funds as often as you like. The financing limit will be increased based on the growth of your business and the track record on the re:cap platform.

The funding will typically arrive in your bank accounts within two business days once it gets approved.

How does the monthly payback process work?

Once every month we will withdraw the payback amount from your bank account. The schedule for your paybacks matches the billing cycles of the traded customers – you only pay us when your customer has paid you!

We will notify you upfront about every upcoming payment, if you need to handle churned customers or upload new data to the platform.

What about churn?

If a customer subscription you converted churns, you simply replace it with another active one or rebate the remainder.

Let’s work together and get the best out of your business.

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