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An innovative solution to optimize your cash flow sustainably - without dilution.

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Fair startup funding

Financing your business with re:cap allows you to be free of restrictions.

Better growth opportunities

Financing your business with re:cap allows you to optimize your cash flow sustainably.

More than a funding partner

Financing your business with re:cap allows you to get a partner and provider of perspective.

Funding opportunities for startups

A startup requires capital to grow. Therefore, many first-time founders and young entrepreneurs wonder how they can get their startup funded in the best possible way. Typically, the following funding options are available to startups:

Corporate credits and business loans:

  • Traditional bank loans and credits can provide capital quickly but they are very restrictive and not every startup is eligible to receive one - you are bound by limitations, interest rates and hard deadlines. Read more about corporate loans here. Crowdlending is considered a modern form of loan that doesn't require a bank.


  • Whether it’s from your own savings or from friends and family: if you finance your startup with equity from within or completely bootstrap it, you act independently but are also limited in your options and often grow slowly.

Startup funding: what are the alternatives?

Many startups get outside funding - and lose control and company shares because they involve capital providers. Such startup financing is provided by private equity firms, private investors and groups:

Venture Capital and Business Angels:

  • Incubator and accelerator programs are other options to finance a startup. The former starts early after the company is founded and does not always involve giving shares. Accelerator programs usually accelerate the growth of an existing business as equity financing.


  • Also, crowdfunding as a digital solution is broad, but as a result often lacks an entrepreneurial growth focus. You can learn more about crowdfunding here. Other debt options include factoring and governmental funding, like state subsidies or grants.

Startup financing without dilution

All of the above have advantages and disadvantages. However, external financing through giving away your company shares in particular represents serious interference with entrepreneurial independence. With each financing round, startups lose valuable shares and dilute equity and control of their company.

Naturally, startup founders are looking for better solutions - and come across opportunities for revenue financing, such as recurring revenue financing. Startups can use their own predictable, recurring revenues to sustainably optimize their cash flow by means of growth capital that is available quickly and at any time.

How re:cap works

Digital, fast, seamless. Our platform allows you to get started in minutes, receive funding and growth advice in days not months.

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Set up your account and sync your data
Get approved, receive your terms & growth advice
Use financing line

Grow flexibly

Our financing solution is your chance to optimize your cash flow without dilution or restrictions.

Protect your vision

Invest with maximum flexibility

Scale without limits

How does re:cap fund startups?

If your company generates predictable, recurring revenues with a subscription business model, re:cap is the ideal funding solution - because you can get access to instant upfront cash that you can use where it will help you best.

We don’t tell you what to do – we’re a partner and provider of perspectives who also support you with insights and benchmarks if required.

What are the advantages of re:cap?

You receive non-dilutive on-demand capital, improve your cash flow and get the chance to make the most of your opportunities. re:cap allows you to grow sustainably and if required replace or reduce funding rounds that take up shares and dilute your company early on.

Looking to sell your company or merge? When startups get funded by re:cap, they strengthen their KPIs and optimize their valuation. This way, you prepare for the perfect financing round, significantly increase your exit value and secure the highest possible profit.

What other founders achieved with re:cap

While validating funding options to accelerate our growth we came across re:cap’s financing line and quickly realized it’s exactly what we needed: full flexibility and full control at attractive conditions. The process was transparent and fast (days, not months) which allowed us to focus on our core business.
Artur Hasselbach
CFO at Talentsconnect
For us as a company with recurring revenues from offering both hardware and software-as-a-service, re:cap's financing option is a great tool for cash flow management. In addition to that, the financing process was quick and uncomplicated.

Frederik Merz

CBDO & Co-Founder at

In the first instance, we used the flexible liquidity buffer gained through re:cap to finance long-term marketing and sales activities that we would not have been able to tackle until later without re:cap. We are pleased to be able to continue using re:cap for flexible growth, for example to expand our sales team.

Dirk Brockmeyer

Executive Partner at Tabtool

re:cap has enabled us to get access to funding in an incredibly fast and transparent process. Also, I really like the business insights dashboard which helps us to understand and improve our funding terms. I would recommend every founder to look into re:cap as a financing partner.

Tobias Hagenau

CEO & Co-Founder at awork

With re:cap, we were able to get non-dilutive funding at an early stage which is great for every startup founder. The whole process was simple and fast, and we look forward to a long-term partnership in building Meisterwerk.

Bertram Wildenauer

CEO & Co-Founder at Meisterwerk

Startup financing without dilution

Exchange future revenues for flexible on-demand capital.


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How can I finance my startup?

From bank loans to private savings to equity financing: There are many ways to finance a startup - through external providers and your own capital. As a novel and popular solution, so-called revenue financing is also becoming more and more established in Germany.

What are the advantages of revenue financing?

Revenue financing or recurring revenue financing reduces the disadvantages of debt and equity financing. It bundles their advantages into a particularly flexible, innovative funding solution that supports the growth of startups quickly, effectively and fairly by working with predictable, recurring revenues.

Which companies fund startups?

In addition to investment companies from the venture capital segment, there are innovative FinTech companies such as re:cap. They innovate to create modern funding solutions. re:cap enables companies in the subscription economy to trade future revenues for on-demand, non-dilutive capital. Fast, transparent and easy.

Who is startup funding with re:cap suitable for?

The funding solution from re:cap is specifically aimed at subscription companies that reach a growing customer base with their already launched product and generate predictable, recurring revenues. In addition, the legal entity must be at least partially located in the EU.

How quickly can I get startup funding?

As long as you are within your financing limit, you can access new funds as often as you like. The financing limit will be increased based on the growth of your business and the track record on the re:cap platform.
The funding will typically arrive in your bank accounts within two business days once it gets approved.