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Transforming the way
financial decisions are made

re:cap is the gateway between businesses and investors, empowering them to make better financial decisions based on unmatched insights and guidance.

re:cap redefines financing by empowering businesses and investors to make better financial decisions in a data-driven world. We serve as a gateway between businesses and investors and set new standards on how to leverage raw data in financing.
re:cap develops the engine to transform hundreds of millions of data points into tailored insights and guidance – every day, for any kind of company. We harness these insights to unlock the full potential of their businesses, optimize operations and create bespoke financing solutions to their needs. For investors, we help them navigate risk with ease while seizing new opportunities.
This way, re:cap brings businesses and investors together, helping them to share the same view on financial analysis. We cut through complexity and establish a shared basis of understanding for all parties involved, paving the way for success.


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Financing transactions since 2022


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Paul Becker
Mélanie Dufour
Arne Zeising
Christian Lücke
Jonas Tebbe
Paul Staal
SVP Operations
Backed by leading investors

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