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How tabtool accelerated growth while maintaining independence with re:cap


tabtool GmbH
in a nutshell

With the TabTool software, tabtool GmbH digitizes processes from planning to control to reporting, for example for large construction projects or the technical management of a solar park. In addition to preconfigured industry solutions that can be used immediately, tabtool also offers individual, customized solutions. With their SaaS solution, you have all the documents for your project at your fingertips at all times – whether in the field or in the office. Clear navigation and intelligent links ensure that you can find data directly from the context in which you are currently working. The synchronization of project data on the devices of all participants makes teamwork more efficient.

The challenge for tabtool

Additional liquidity for flexible growth

tabtool was growing steadily and already profitable, but was looking for additional capital to strengthen its sales and market presence in target industries. As tabtool is fully bootstrapped, the company was interested in a solution that allowed accelerated growth, without giving away company shares, in order to maintain its independence. 

“In the first step, we used the flexible liquidity buffer gained through re:cap to finance long-term marketing and sales activities that we would not have been able to tackle until later without re:cap. We are pleased to be able to continue using re:cap for our growth, for example to expand our sales team.”

Dirk Brockmeyer
Executive Partner, TabTool

The solution

Using re:cap funding for accelerated growth while maintaining independence

With re:cap, tabtool has found a solution to invest in marketing and sales for the long term and pay back the financing line when it is best for them. Thus, with re:cap tabtool was able to obtain additional cash without giving up equity.

"Among other things, we are using this to increase awareness of our TabTool Bau product in the construction industry. You don't necessarily need equity for that – and that's where re:cap enters the picture," says Dirk Brockmeyer, Managing Director of tabtool.

Learn more about how re:cap can enable you to accelerate growth while maintaining independence.

Case Study: re:cap and tabtool
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