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We cover your short-term needs

re:cap provides working capital financing that helps you to navigate temporary financing needs without sacrificing your cash flow.

We cover your short-term needs

re:cap provides working capital financing that helps you to navigate temporary financing needs without sacrificing your cash flow.

Trusted by over 1,000 businesses

Maintain a steady cash flow with re:cap, ensuring you've always got enough in your bank account to cover your immediate needs.

Handle volatile cash flow

Focus on your revenue and business – not cash management. Make sure you have always enough cash at hand to cover your everyday needs.

Unlock predictable growth

Make sure you get the financial backing you need to make things happen, so you don’t miss revenue from already closed customers and won projects.

Cover long payment targets

Don’t let bridge obligations, up-front payments, or long payment terms slow down your business and jeopardize your cash flow.

Finance large one-time expenses

Finance larger one-time expenses such as machinery, equipment, or events, allowing you to preserve cash balance and financial stability.

Key characteristics

€10k to €1m

Secure the cash you need to finance your business, and easily adjust the amount each month as necessary.

1 to 12 months repayment

You have the freedom to choose from flexible repayment plans that span over 12 months, including grace periods.

Ready in days, not months

Get started in minutes and receive your financing in days not months.


Making tailored financing part of your success

How our customers reach their ambitions with re:cap.

How Cloud86 secured a financing line with re:cap to scale their web hosting business

How Workbee funded growth initiatives on their path to profitability with re:cap
How tabtool accelerated growth while maintaining independence with re:cap

Your financial pulse check

Beyond financing your business, with benchmarking, you unlock insights to improve your financial performance. All based on your data. Compared to your peers.

Dashboard & Ratings

Get a first assessment of where your business stands and dive deeper to find hidden opportunities to improve your financial performance.

Industry benchmarks

Benchmark your performance against thousands of industry peers and evaluate what steps you have to take to become the market leader.


Access 50+ daily-calculated business metrics relevant to your industry for insights into your historical performance and future growth.

Requirements to work with re:cap

SaaS or service businesses

Your business generates predictable, recurring revenue.

EU-based company

Your legal entities are at least partly located in the EU.

Sufficient runway

You need at least six months of runway, be profitable or close to break-even.

How re:cap works

Our platform allows you to get started in minutes, and receive financing and insights in days not months.

We prioritize the utmost security standards to safeguard our customers' data. We store and process all your financial data in Germany, employing 256-bit bank-level encryption for maximum protection.

Take care of all things financing

Get access to re:cap and make financing decisions with confidence. Create an account or talk to our experts about your financing.


Didn’t find an answer? Talk to us.

How much financing can I get?

re:cap offers flexible financing ranging from €10,000 to €5 million.

What is the repayment time?

re:cap provides flexible repayment terms, ranging from 1 month up to 5 years and including grace periods.

For which businesses is financing from re:cap relevant for?

re:cap is relevant for

  • Tech and recurring revenue businesses that provide software applications on a subscription basis and generate consistent revenue. 
  • Service businesses that offer knowledge and expertise to clients, often in areas such as consulting, agencies, logistics, or HR and recruiting.
How does financing from re:cap work?

re:cap works as a financing line within which you can draw as many fundings as your business needs them. The financing limit will be increased based on the growth of your business and your track record on the re:cap platform.

Based on your capital needs and business plan, we provide you with different funding plans that help your company get money when it actually needs it – without risking unnecessary capital costs due to overfunding.

How quickly can I receive financing?

Once approved, the financing amount will typically arrive in your bank accounts within two business days.

How does re:cap assess group structures?

We can finance companies being part of a group structure. However, we must be sure that they are the actual contracting partner. In some cases a letter from the company could be necessary. We're happy to discuss your specific situation.