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What is a business loan?

The corporate credit or business loan is a special form of the traditional personal loan. The model is simple: companies receive a certain amount of money from a lender. It is, therefore, a form of debt financing in which the capital provided is tied to a repayment period and interest. In this way, companies increase their liquidity in the short term or invest with a view to the future.

In a linguistic sense, there are no differences between the terms company credit and company loans. Many therefore use the terms synonymously.

Who gets a business loan?

A self-employed person can get a business loan just like a limited liability company. Sometimes companies must also have a minimum turnover and age.

Creditworthiness determines whether a company receives a business loan and on what terms. Credit agencies determine a company’s creditworthiness and risk class: the higher the risk, the higher the interest rate.

What corporate credit alternatives are there?

Whether factoring, equity investment, fine trading, leasing, crowdfunding or sales financing: there are various equity and debt financing options. A very popular equity solution is venture capital, for example - but founders often have to give up valuable shares.

This is not the case with flexible sales financing - just one reason why this solution has long been established in the USA and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany.

Why an alternative to credit makes sense


Important growth capital without dilution.


Entrepreneurial freedom without being tied to a specific purpose.


Maximum flexibility without rigid repayments.

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If you’re a SaaS company or bring recurring revenues to the table, re:cap is the perfect partner to support your funding needs.


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Your business generates predictable recurring revenue.

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Your legal entities are at least partly located in the EU.

Sufficient runway

You have at least six months of runway when drawing the funding.

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Smart credit alternative

Instead of short-term loans, re:cap offers non-dilutive and non-restrictive on-demand financing. So your business can grow and you keep your equity. VC-backed or bootstrapped? Small or large? If your company has a subscription business model, re:cap can be an ideal alternative to a loan.

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What is a corporate loan?

As a counterpart to the personal loan, the corporate loan serves entrepreneurial purposes - as a short-term cash injection for liquidity needs or as an investment for long-term growth. Entrepreneurs use the borrowed capital, for example, for new personnel, a larger office, marketing, better hardware, or the company's establishment.

What kind of business loans are there?

A short-term business loan runs for a few months or years, while a long-term loan runs for several years. If a company needs capital quickly, an overdraft is an excellent short-term loan financing option - there are not many conditions to be met for this, as the principle is similar to an overdraft.

What are the providers of business loans?

There are many providers of business loans. Three overriding types come into focus:
- via the principal bank
- state-subsidized
- digital solutions
The first way is via the branch banks. The options are diverse, whether long-term or short-term credit, investment or working capital credit, just like the linked conditions. Subsidized corporate loans are also run through the house bank, but regional or nationwide development banks (such as KfW) are involved here.
Modern solutions come from FinTechs that specialize in smart financing. Whether credit or alternative, this is where startups and large companies meet technology-savvy innovators of the digital age.

What is the advantage of corporate loans?

A corporate loan is usually available quickly. In addition, because it is debt financing, founders do not have to give up control as well as company shares and do not have to share profits with lenders.

What is the disadvantage of business loans?

Business loans come with interest and are often tied to a specific purpose, so entrepreneurs are limited in how they can use the capital. It is also usually a restrictive concept with strict repayment terms, warrants, and very little flexibility - which is why many companies are looking for a suitable loan alternative.

How do credit and loans differ?

Some refer to short-term financial assistance and a smaller amount as a loan and to longer terms and higher capital as a loan. However, the terms are usually used interchangeably.

What are the interest rates on corporate loans?

They can be less than 1% or in the double digits. The credit rating determines this: the higher the risk class, the higher the interest rates. The amount of capital, term and any collateral also determine the interest rate. Therefore, it is always a good idea to compare different corporate loans.

Who grants corporate loans?

Companies can obtain the traditional loan from their principal bank - a government subsidy via federal or regional development banks is also possible. Modern variants come from FinTechs, which use technology-driven solutions for smart financing.

What are the alternatives to corporate loans?

Various financing solutions work with equity and debt. With equity financing such as venture capital, founders lose valuable company shares and often have to give a say. A particularly smart alternative to corporate loans and equity financing is non-dilutive, non-restrictive and very flexible turnover financing.

What is the best credit alternative?

There is no all-comprising answer to this question, as financing is always an individual solution. However, recurring revenue financing is increasingly establishing itself as a particularly attractive and popular alternative to loans and equity financing.

What makes re:cap stand out as an alternative to loans?

With re:cap, SaaS companies can obtain growth capital very easily and quickly - up to 50% of ARR. The innovative funding works with planned revenues and also flexibly aligns repayments accordingly. In addition to on-demand financing, re:cap offers valuable insights and benchmarks on request.