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The intelligence platform to guide your growth

Get unparalleled transparency into your company’s current and future performance on our market-leading SaaS intelligence platform. Work with our growth guidance team to get the absolute best out of your business.

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Understand the foundation of your future success

Our intelligence platform runs an in-depth analysis of your business and benchmarks not only your current performance but tells you exactly in which areas to improve.

All financial data in one place

Revenue metrics, cashflow metrics, financial health metrics – connect your tools to our platform and get the complete picture of your financial data.

Cash Flow
13.84 months
6.74 months
CAC Payback Period
Efficiency Score
Growth Rate
Net Dollar Retention
Financial Health
Gross Profit Margin
Leverage Ratio

Compare with the best

Are you on top of your category when it comes to your business’ performance? We benchmark your metrics with thousands of similar companies and show you the areas you dominate as well as your weak spots.

Get your future scenarios

Where will your current performance take you in weeks, months and years? Our platform lets you forecast future scenarios and helps you to reach your best performance.

Tailored growth guidance for your company

You know which goals you want to achieve with your company and we help you to get there – with growth guidance built into our intelligence platform as well as our experienced growth advisors.

Operational guidance

Based on your data and ambition, we build different options on how you can maximize your performance. We show you how influencing, for example, your capital structure or cash flow can guide you to your desired outcome.

Funding guidance

Your ambitions can only be reached with the ideal amount and usage of funding. Our guidance helps you to identify the right ways to invest your funding, making sure that growth and efficiency become cornerstones of your success.

Reach new heights with re:cap

Get access to our analytics and prediction platform and receive your funding offer or talk to one of our experts to find out how re:cap can fund your way to growth.