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Scale your business with re:cap funding and Chargebee subscription management

Chargebee helps companies with recurring revenue to manage their subscriptions and billing globally, while re:cap enables companies with recurring revenue to get access to on-demand funding. Together, they empower firms in the subscription economy to work and scale smarter.

How Chargebee can help you simplify your subscription management
  • Get a clear overview of all your subscription + customer information
  • Retain complete control on your subscription invoicing
  • Offer your customers a wide range of payment options to increase customer experience
  • Easily test the right product/market fit with changing the types of subscriptions you offer
  • Easily grow across borders through multi-currency support and integrated tax automation
  • Fully automate your lead to ledger flow by integrating Chargebee to other essential apps in your tech stack
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How can re:cap help you reach your business goal(s)
  • Extend your runway -  easily postpone your next equity round, achieve higher valuations, and avoid dilution
  • Accelerate growth your own terms – invest in marketing, sales, new markets, and more
  • Optimize your cash flow proactively - make the investments you need today and pay when it works best for you
  • Finance M&A - by converting the combined future revenue of your current and target company into upfront cash
  • Optimize your capital stack - access debt capital markets to reduce dependency on venture capital and build up a future-proof funding strategy
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Who is Chargebee?

Chargebee is a subscription management and billing solution for recurring revenue businesses globally. Chargebee integrates with 30+ payment gateways globally including Stripe,, PayPal, GoCardless, Adyen, Worldpay, and Mollie to facilitate recurring payments across 53 countries.

Customers worldwide
11 years
G2 crowd leader
In subscription
Forrester & Gartner

Why a subscription management platform?

Think about your personal subscriptions. It could be Netflix, your phone, the library. All very common services that are used, but in the backend of it, quite difficult to maintain for these companies. With the subscription management platform of Chargebee, these companies can easily set up, maintain and change their subscriptions. Through the integrations with your CRM and ERP software such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Sage Intacct and others, you will be able to automate your lead to ledger flow for your entire subscription business.

Chargebee is trusted by companies such as

Who is re:cap?

re:cap enables companies in the subscription economy to trade future revenues for instant, non-dilutive capital and provides analytics on all main business metrics to accelerate company growth. In doing so, re:cap is revolutionizing the financing of European software companies.


Why recurring revenue financing?

With re:cap, you get access to funds that you can use where they'll best help your company's growth. No restrictions, no dilution. Some call it 'working capital'. We call it 'we-don't-tell-you-what-to-do capital'.

How does re:cap work?

You trade up to 60% of your current ARR in the first month and receive the total yearly value upfront
You keep growing your business and trade every month to further sustain your runway
Continue until you are ready for your next financing round or you reach profitability

re:cap is trusted by companies such as

With re:cap, we were able to get non-dilutive funding at an early stage which is great for every startup founder. The whole process was simple and fast, and we look forward to a long-term partnership in building Meisterwerk.

Bertram Wildenauer,
CEO and Co-Founder, Meisterwerk

While validating funding options to accelerate our growth we came across re:cap’s financing line and quickly realized it’s exactly what we needed: full flexibility and full control at attractive conditions. The process was transparent and fast (days, not months) which allowed us to focus on our core business.

Artur Hasselbach
CFO, Talentsconnect

re:cap has enabled us to get access to funding in an incredibly fast and transparent process. Also, I really like the business insights dashboard which helps us to understand and improve our funding terms. I would recommend every founder to look into re:cap as a financing partner.

Tobias Hagenau
CEO and Co-Founder, awork

For us as a company with recurring revenues from offering both hardware and software-as-a-service, re:cap's financing option is a great tool for cash flow management. In addition to that, the financing process was quick and uncomplicated.

Frederik Merz
CBDO and Co-Founder,

In the first instance, we used the flexible liquidity buffer gained through re:cap to finance long-term marketing and sales activities that we would not have been able to tackle until later without re:cap. We are pleased to be able to continue using re:cap for flexible growth, for example to expand our sales team.

Dirk Brockmeyer
Executive Partner, Tabtool

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