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re:cap offers tailored financing and individual cash insights, setting a new standard for your success.

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Fitting your business

Short- or long-term, €10k or €5m, straight repayment or grace period: your financing should match your business. Get the money that aligns with your needs and goals.

re:cap's financing at a glance

Flexible repayment
One month or up to five years: hold onto the money as it serves you best.
€10k to €5m
Use scalable financing and adjust your amount over time.
Financing insights
Manage your financials on autopilot and compare yourself against peers.
100% non-dilutive
Get financing without sacrificing equity.

re:cap financing
is relevant for

Tech and recurring revenue businesses
Businesses that provide software applications on a subscription basis and generate consistent revenue.
Service businesses
Businesses that offer knowledge and expertise to clients, often in areas such as consulting, agencies, logistics, or HR and recruiting.
cash insights

Your cash management hub

re:cap fully automates cash flow monitoring and reporting based on real-time bank data. Identify cash gaps, get clarity on cash movements, and enable real-time insights on profitability.

Get started in 10 minutes

Access with one click and choose from 14,000+ bank accounts across Europe and North America.

All bank accounts in one place

Get a consolidated view of all your cash and say goodbye to managing multiple Excel sheets.

Real-time 360° view on cash

From aggregated balances to cash and P&L statements: gain the complete overview on all things cash.


Making tailored financing
part of your success

How our customers reach their ambitions with re:cap.

Take care of all things financing

Get access to re:cap and make financing decisions with confidence. Create an account or talk to our experts about your financing.