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Introducing Cash Insights: manage all things cash with ease

June 4, 2024
3 min read
re:cap_Cash Insights

Without cash there is no business. If you lack clarity on incoming and outgoing funds, or fail to identify cash shortages, you potentially miss out on opportunities or make wrong decisions. 

However, despite its importance, day-to-day cash management is often still based on endless spreadsheets and a lot of manual work. Companies rely on rather exhausting processes to keep track of their cash movements.

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With Cash Insights, we fix that. It’s a ready-to-use cash management solution available for all businesses – no matter industry, company stage, or size. By automating cash flow monitoring and reporting using real-time bank data, we help every business spot cash gaps, understand its cash movements, and gain insights into profitability.

re:cap_Cash Insights
Cash Insights: all things cash in once place.

What Cash Insights brings to the table

All bank accounts in one place

Say goodbye to juggling multiple Excel sheets and benefit from a consolidated view of all your cash data. You gain the complete overview on all things cash – without any manual work or time-consuming maintenance. 

Automated reporting and monitoring based on real-time bank data

Use automated transaction classification to ensure seamless tracking of your cash movements and get clarity across your bank accounts, a better picture of cash gaps, and real-time insights into profitability.

Customized monitoring: spot problems before they strike

Set alerts for specific transactions or key metrics to catch issues before they become critical.

Fast and easy setup

No project or onboarding manager needed: skip lengthy and complex implementations. The account setup and data connection just take 10 minutes, and you’re good to go.

Unlimited users and bank accounts

Add as many users and bank accounts as needed and get a complete view of your liquidity instantly.

Option for real-time investor reporting

Investors-backed companies can eliminate the frustration of sending manual and outdated reports. If wanted, you can share live business metrics with your investors.

With Cash Insights, companies access different sections for better liquidity management. Those sections are:

Cash flow statement

With the cash flow statement, you bring clarity to all your cash movements. 

re:cap_Cash Insights

P&L Statement

The cash-based P&L statement helps you to get real-time insights on your profitability. 

re:cap_Cash Insights

Runway analysis

You’re dealing with seasonality? Identify cash gaps early on and act proactively before they become a real problem.

re:cap_Cash Insights

Financing insights

With financing insights, you see all cash flows (in/out) from your investors in one place.

re:cap_Cash Insights

With re:cap Institutional and Cash Insights we bring companies and investors together, helping them to share the same view on financial analysis. We cut through complexity and establish a shared basis of understanding for everyone involved.

Keep track of your cash in real time

Create your account with one click and get clarity on all things cash.

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