The smartest financing solution for SaaS companies

With re:cap, you can turn your future revenues into a flexible financing line you can tap into whenever you want.
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Ways to unleash the full potential of your business

re:cap enables you to find and invest in the best ways to build your business

Get to profitability

Use financial flexibility through ongoing funding to get on your path to profitability

Raise better

Increase your MRR before raising equity or complement your next funding round

Unlock additional growth

Boost your growth with Marketing or Sales initiatives without dilution or restriction

Improve capital efficiency

Make use of cost saving potentials, split large expenses and optimize your cash flow


Non-dilutive funding based on your recurring revenues in the exact amount you need, precisely when you need it.

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Full transparency on your terms

Our intelligence platform tells you until when you will be able to draw additional funding with exactly the terms you’re seeing now. You can even simulate how a reduced burn rate or additional cash might change the equation.

2 - 15%

Financing fee

10 - 60% of your ARR

Financing limit

Funding without compromise

We give you full control over your finances – and your company’s future. Get funding on-demand to boost your growth or increase your capital efficiency.

Full control

Make use of your financing line whenever you need it.

No strings attached

We won’t take any of your equity, nor will we include any warrants or covenants.

Funding that scales

Your financing terms and limit steadily improve as your company grows.

Lean process

All digital without lengthy negotiations. Get approved in 48 hours.

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The German market leader
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