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Managing cash in endless spreadsheets is now a thing of the past

Cash is at the core of any business, yet day-to-day cash management often is exhausting. Lengthy spreadsheets and manual work are the norms. What’s missing is clarity across bank accounts, a clear picture of cash gaps, and real-time insights into profitability. We fix that with Cash Insights.

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“My team now has a lean, instantly accessible tool that provides a complete overview of our cash flow. Having access to all bank accounts and an automated transaction tagging in places saves us many hours of manual work. Best of all, it's a live view, eliminating outdated reports and blind spots in our liquidity.”

Moritz Diedrich
Team Lead Finance at Sastrify

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How Cash Insights works

Access Cash Insights in minutes and get an immediate view of your cash position.

Your data is secure. We store and process all your financial data in Germany, employing 256-bit bank-level encryption for maximum protection

Let your insights guide your funding decisions.

Besides Cash Insights, re:cap also offers financing to take your cash flow to the next level. re:cap's financing at a glance.

Flexible repayment
One month or up to five years: hold onto the money as it serves you best.
€10k to €5m
Use scalable financing and adjust your amount over time.
Financing insights
Manage your financials on autopilot and compare yourself against peers.
100% non-dilutive
Get financing without sacrificing equity.

Keep track of your cash in real time

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Didn’t find an answer? Talk to us.

How often do I get new insights?

New balances and transactions from all bank accounts get fetched daily at midnight (CET time). After fetching new data, Cash Insights get updated.

How does re:cap tag the transactions?

We’ve developed proprietary models to classify bank transactions in real-time, generating cash insights from the tagged data.

To ensure the highest quality insights, our internal data operations team reviews the automatic tagging.

Which banks are supported?

We cover more than 14,000+ banks from Europe and North America. 

In Europe, we work with GoCardless to cover 2,500+ banks. The detailed coverage can be found in this overview. For North American banks, we work with Plaid to cover 12,000+ banks. The detailed coverage can be found in this overview.

Let us know if a bank you need support for is not supported.

How much initial historical data can re:cap retrieve per bank account?

Europe: by open banking regulation, a minimum of 90 days of transaction history is required, but experience shows that most banks supply >180 days of transaction history.

North America: experience shows that most banks provide >365 days of transaction history.

How do I upload data manually when there is an unsupported bank?

Certain banks might not support open banking API access. Additionally, especially Europe-based banks, might not provide access to savings accounts.

If this is the case it is still possible to import the data into Cash Insights by following two simple steps:

  1. Select “upload data manually” when adding a new bank account.
  2. Fill in the account details and attach a file containing all transactions.

As soon as you have provided manual data, re:cap will import the transactions into the platform and regenerate the cash insights. This process takes less than 24 hours.

How much does Cash Insights cost?

The first 90 days are free and there are no payment details required when starting initially. After the 90-day free trial, Cash Insights costs 39 EUR (plus VAT) per month or 29 EUR (plus VAT) per month when deciding on an annual subscription.

We will send an invoice to you monthly or in case of an annual subscription, you receive the annual invoice upfront.

Both packages include:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of bank accounts

All prices are net prices.

Is my data secure?

We prioritize the utmost security standards to safeguard our customers' data. We store and process all your financial data in Germany, employing 256-bit bank-level encryption for maximum protection.